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Sequential execution

These files produce executable "md"

make default

calls Makefile.unknown . This should work for any standard f77 compiler, with exception of accounting cpu time which is substituted by a ``dumb'' subroutine (substitute your own counter of cpu time in file cpu_dummy.f)

make linux

calls Makefile.gfortran. This can be used on Linux or other systems with gfortran fortran

make intel

calls Makefile.ifort. This can be used on Linux with free (at least now) Intel compiler ifort. Performance options, such as -xP for processors with sse3-instructions, may substantially speed up the program.

make pgi

calls Makefile.pgi Calls Portland Group Fortran compiler pgi.

make risc

calls Makefile.risc This works for IBM RISC workstations using xlf compiler.

Alexander Lyubartsev 2010-01-07